Eagle Village is launching an initiative to provide for the teens in our care  in a unique and meaningful way, through an Adopt-A-Home program.  The Adopt-A Home program reaches out to children and provides for their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs that are not covered through current state-funded and budgeted expenses.  The state funding Eagle Village receives to provide care for these youth pays for only basic food, clothing, shelter and limited counseling for each.  We know they will grow and flourish when they learn how to grow in their faith walk, in their journey to be healthy and also as they learn to have fun and explore the world around them in a healthy way.  This program will help us be more of a home environment rather than an institution to the youth we serve.


In this program, each benefactor will sponsor one home, or approximately 10-12 youth living in that home during the calendar year.  A sponsorship for one year is $4,800.  A benefit of sponsorship will be two events per year between benefactor and house residents, jointly planned.  An example might be a worship service, pizza party, game night or shared servant event to foster fellowship, acknowledge gratefullness and share with the community.  Benefactors can support the children in additional ways, such as cards or care packages at Valentine's Day, Easter birthdays and Christmas.


Funds from the Adopt-A-Home program will allow Eagle Village to provide each sponsored home additional spiritual, emotional, and physical support over the course of the year.  These could include:


  • Special speakers brought in to chapel services, travel to local churches to attend traditional services and perform service projects


  • Rewards for working their individual programs such as trips for ice cream, special movie priviledges, or off-campus cultural trips


  • Renovation and restoration dollars to keep each house functioning as a warm and friendly place to grow and flourish. 


If you or your church, organization or business are interested in sponsoring a house of teenagers who, with the right help and setting, have the potential of overcoming many of the obstacles they are facing, please call Casey Salminen at 231-832-7249 or click here to email.