Summer Camps

Why Eagle Village Summer Camps?

At Eagle Village, we are passionate about speaking into the lives of campers who may struggle to fit in or have developed unhealthy behaviors. Our mission at summer camp is to equip them so they can make better choices, encourage healthy ways of communicating and expressing themselves and empower them to be their own positive role model.

Base Camp

Base Camp is a 5-day rustic outdoor experience for youth ages 9-13. This early intervention program is for youth having difficulty managing their anger and emotions. It is fast-paced and fun with a very intentional purpose. Base Camp helps youth understand how their decisions have consequences, both good and bad. Youth also gain self-esteem and practice personal responsibility. Camp experiences are on the Eagle Village camps.

Base Camp 1 – June 26-30

Base Camp 2 – July 3-7, no spots available

Base Camp 3 – July 17-21

Cost: $500/youth

Project Survive

Project Survive is a 10-day, intensive wilderness experience for youth ages 13-17. This camp is for older youth who are having challenges at home, school or in the community. Project Survive partners intense outdoor activity with focused personal growth opportunities. This combination provides each youth with increased self-worth, a learned respect for others, and decision-making skills. Camp experiences are off the Eagle Village campus.

Project Survive 1 – July 5-14

Project Survive 2 – July 19-28

Project Survive 3 – August 2-11

Cost: $1500/youth

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