Youth Challenge Weekends

Youth Challenge Weekends are an opportunity for parents to get their second wind while giving their teenagers an experience that will address a number of challenge areas while providing a positive and fun adventure.

Youth attend these themed weekends individually or with siblings. Topics include communication, responsibility, trust, boundaries, conflict resolution and respect. Youth gain new experiences in a high energy atmosphere by working with their peers to grasp a better understanding of each new topic and how to implement what is learned in their own lives.

The goals of Youth Challenge Weekends are to:

  • Confront behavior patterns that create disturbance
  • Discover a sense of purpose and self-esteem
  • Identify and engage healthy choices
  • Demonstrate accountability and responsibility for own actions
  • Empowerment to take on new behaviors that are positive for self, family and community


2017 Dates:

April 21-23 | May 19-21 | September 15-17 | October 13-15 | November 10-12 | December 8-10

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