We know your child…we really do. With over 43 years of working with difficult and rebellious teenagers, we know what you are going through and how to help. Has your home become a war zone? Is your child angry and explosive or worse yet - won't talk at all, hanging out with the wrong type friends, perhaps dabbling in drugs, alcohol or sex, or in trouble at school? Is your teen in counseling, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. And now you don’t know what to do. Nothing is working and your family needs change...soon.  That's what Changing Lanes is all about.

The Changing Lanes Intervention Center is a secure/ locked facility designed for a wake-up call effect on troubled teens who are placed here.  In addition to being placed in a secure setting with individual, locked bedrooms, each youth will be engaged in our Intervention Programming consisting of


  • anger management
  • discovering destructive behaviors
  • life skills training
  • learning to make good decisions
  • communication skills
  • group and individual counseling
  • group-based interventions and much more




Does This Sound Like Your Teenager?


  • Your teen is displaying behaviors that are distinctly different than what they previously did (sleeping too much or too little, aggression, depression, grades slipping, forgetfulness, spending all time with friends or completely avoiding friends and spending too much time alone).


  • Your teen refuses to listen to anything you say or request. His or her behaviors put your teen or the rest of the family in danger or high risk causing constant anxiety and fear in the home.


  • Your teen has become increasingly disrespectful, dishonest and openly displays rebellion, not caring about consequences.


  • Your teen shows rebellion toward any boundaries set.


  • There are threats of suicide, active self-harming, excessive risk-taking or sexual promiscuity.


  • Treatment of people, pets or belongings by your teen are threatening or out of control.


  • Your teen feels only their feelings or needs are important and disregards the feelings, needs or possessions of others.


  • Counseling has proven to be of little help so far.


  • Your teen separates him or herself from the family and shows hatred for the family when made to comply.


This is just a short list of behaviors you may be experiencing with your teenager.  Getting help as early as possible is the key to getting to the heart of the issue.  Eagle Village is adept at working through the emotions of what is bothering a teenager and then working on healthy ways to communicate and work through their anger or depression.  


Call today for more information about how to help your teenager get back on the right track.



Feedback from a probation officer in Northern Michigan:


A probation officer called with some information regarding the referral of an 11 year old female.  This officer said she was very impressed with the professional and patient manner that our transporters displayed at court. She also said that the whole process of placing with the Eagle Village Changing Lanes Intervention program was very smooth and was impressed with how quickly we were able to accommodate her request.


The Changing Lanes program gives troubled teens and their families an opportunity to start over, learn to communicate again and live together as a strong, not-always-perfect, unit.  Call Intake Services today for information on how to bring your family back together.  231-832-7298 or to email, click here.