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Adoption Program


Eagle Village is licensed to provide all forms of domestic adoptions. These include special needs adoptions, interstate adoptions, infant adoptions, as well as being partners with other professionals in completing an adoption.


The adoption program at Eagle Village includes an array of services for birth parents and adoptive families. Our professional staff facilitate whatever services are necessary and serve as the link between all those involved.



Adoption Services

  • Adoption Orientation
  • Pre-adoption counseling
  • Pre-placement assessments
  • Placement assistance
  • Assistance in applying for subsidy
  • Adoption supervision
  • Referrals to community resources




Connections Intervention Program for Adoptive Families


Eagle Village recognizes that adoption is a lifelong process.  We are committed to offering families support through their journey together. 


Adoptive families often experience challenges a while after an adoption is complete and life goes back to normal. Confusion about their own identities and behavioral challenges sometimes occur a year or two after the finalization. These challenges, if not addressed quickly and appropriately, can tear a new family apart.


Connections offers adoptive families competent, innovative and comprehensive services to help them with their unique needs related to adoption. The program, which promotes healthy attachments, offers services to children and their families after placement and finalization. The Connections Program helps families anticipate, identify, and respond to issues that affect their lives.  Connections will prepare youth with coping skills to manage their emotions appropriately along with skills to resolve conflict.


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