For information about Residential, Assessment or Short-Term Intervention Referrals for troubled teens, please call Intake Services at 231-832-7298 or to email click here.

Changing Lives


At Eagle Village, we know that every teenager is different. Some have experienced difficult relationships with family and others have been neglected or have no family. We offer a residential treatment program that is customized to meet each special need. Eagle Village works to develop the emotional, academic, and social areas in the lives of teenagers who have been held back by struggles at home or within themselves.


The programs at Eagle Village combine intense family weekend sessions, excellent clinical expertise, spiritual strengthening and self-worth actualization as well as experience-based activities (learn by doing). As a result, many residents who would otherwise need two or three program placements can move through their entire healing process – from treatment to their transition back home or to a foster or adoptive home – all at Eagle Village, quickly and effectively.

Residential Program


Eagle Village works with teenagers between the ages of 11 and 17 who are struggling with any number of emotional and behavioral issues.  We work to help each of them discover the great potential within themselves.  Residents generally stay at Eagle Village for 6 to 9 months and by combining outstanding therapeutic care, spiritual guidance and leadership training as well as on-campus family weekends called L.E.G.A.C.E, we are able to give hurting teenagers and families hope for a better future. 






Eagle Village’s Assessment Program is designed to serve youth at-risk who are in need of a comprehensive individual and/or family psychological assessment with the goal of providing treatment recommendations. This comprehensive assessment is designed to identify strengths and needs of the child and those serious issues that are beginning to develop within the child, the family system, and community.


Service Components consist of:


              •Comprehensive Assessment
              •Additional Services not included in the per diem

Family Support


Family support is an integral part of the program. Families are able to talk and interact with other families in the program and gain support and understanding from those who are experiencing similar circumstances. Together they can experience a sense of hope. Families learn that they are not alone and change is possible.


During the family L.E.G.A.C.E weekends, residents and either their immediate family, guardian, foster or adoptive family or other family friend work through interpersonnal issues, feelings for one another, how to effectively communicate and begin developing respect for one another.

Experiential Components


The Experiential Learning Model is a key component of residents' success at Eagle Village. Experiential learning is a hands-on treatment approach whereby the family and child can demonstrate the existing family relationship styles through the use of metaphors. Exploring family dynamics through physical or situational metaphors provides a safe, non-threatening environment for dealing with tough issues.


The Experiential Learning Model is an innovative approach to treatment. The result is a dramatically accelerated rate of change and healing demonstrated by both the resident and their family.

Other Programming


  • Individual/Group/Family Counseling
  • 12-day wilderness program, weekend wilderness and community programs
  • Substance abuse counseling groups (when necessary)
  • Psychiatric evaluation (when necessary)
  • Psychological testing (when necessary)
  • Life Skills and Pre-Vocational and Pre-Vocational training
  • Education (on-site, provided by Mecosta-Osceola ISD)
  • Home visits
  • Voluntary chapel programming including chapel services, youth groups and spiritual counseling