Ashmun School at Eagle Village is the product of a valuable partnership between the Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District and the Eagle Village Facility. The MOISD provides full time teaching staff on site to Eagle Village through this partnership. All teachers are highly-qualified and also possess special education degrees in an attempt to meet the vast realm of needs for the students.

The classroom sizes are 12-1 child/teacher ratio. Residents attend school Mon-Fri 8:30am-3:25pm on a year-round schedule.



Through blended instruction and an online curriculum delivery program, the MOISD teaching staff is able to match individual student needs to a program that allows for students to accelerate their education while focusing on content mastery. This empowers the student to work on their individualized program that directly meets their needs. MOISD staff also work hand-in-hand with the Eagle Village staff to incorporate group building and transitional skill building into student programs.

Schoolwork is tailored to fit the skill level of each student. Often, two or more grade levels can be caught up during the time a teen is at Eagle Village and all of those credits transfer to their own schools when they leave and count toward their graduation.  Youth who may not get back into a normal school setting soon enough to graduate are helped through the process of getting their GED while they are here.


Requests for more information about the education program at Eagle Village may be directed to Brady Flachs, Principal at 231-832-7265.