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Nicholas, who goes by Nick, is a polite and caring teen. He is funny and reported that he likes to make others laugh. Nick is generally happy and is very intelligent. He enjoys playing video games and trying new things. Additionally, Nick likes to be outside, ride bikes and dance.


Nick has overcome a difficult past. He is working to develop positive skills to help manage his emotions when they get the best of him. Nick enjoys school, but can have some difficulty in class. He is learning to not let others affect him and build positive peer relationships.


Nick would do best in a two parent family that can provide him with a loving and patient home. The family should provide a structured environment with clear and consistent rules and expectations. The adoptive family should have some experience or knowledge of parenting children who have overcome traumatic pasts. The family will need to continue and seek out any additional support services that could be beneficial to Nick’s needs. It is important to Nick that he is allowed to maintain close contact with his sisters, as these are significant relationships to Nick.





Preston is a pleasant young man to be around. He can be shy at first, but lets his personality shine through once he gets to know you. Preston loves being outdoors and enjoys participating in many different kinds of sports. He looks forward to having an opportunity to participate on a team in the near future. Preston likes to go camping, fishing and out to ride his bike. He would like to live in or near a country setting so he can have a lot of room to play. Preston is very anxious to meet his forever family!


Preston has made great progress in his current treatment program and has learned many new coping skills. He tries very hard to put those skills to use and is still working hard on effectively managing his emotions. He benefits and thrives in a structured environment and likes it when others follow the rules so he knows what to expect. Preston has noted that he enjoys school and benefits from being in a smaller class so he can work hard and follow directions in a less stressful environment.


Preston would like to have a forever family that is going to love him for who he is and will take good care of him. He is in need of an adoptive family who has experience or knowledge of parenting children who have overcome tumultuous pasts and are working hard to move through emotional issues. The adoptive family should provide Preston with a consistent and structured home with clear rules and consequences, as he does best in this type of home environment. Preston would benefit from being the only or youngest child in the adoptive home with much older siblings who can be positive role models for him. Preston would do best in a home with no pets or with a family who will closely supervise Preston around animals.