Parental Referrals


Being a parent today isn't the same as it was 42 years ago when Eagle Village began helping kids. And being a kid today is harder than ever. The pressures, influences and environments that youth today grow up with are frightening. Even with the best of parenting, many kids are exposed to more and deal with problems beyond their years.


Eagle Village can help. We work with youth and their families to put the pieces back together.

Eagle Village Can Help At-Risk Teenagers


Do you know of a teen who is:


  • Dealing with anger issues
  • Stealing from family or friends
  • Running Away
  • Disrupting family/community
  • Hurting themselves
  • Exhibiting risky behavior
  • Skipping school
  • In trouble with the law
























Every day, young people are skipping school, disrupting their families, hurting themselves and others, making poor choices about who they spend their time with, acting out sexually, committing crimes and the list goes on. Eagle Village now provides parents access to an intervention program designed to give kids a "time-out" for self-reflection and to learn coping and anger management skills. After their stay here, the entire family is encouraged to continue to follow up with our counseling staff to sustain the positive changes made.


Changing Change Lives Intervention Program is operated on our campus in Hersey and is developed for parents to privately refer their kids before things get too out of control. This program is individually tailored from 7 to 30 days.


We welcome the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child you know and care about. We serve every county in Michigan. We're on 681 wooded acres, away from their comfort zone, their friends and the distractions of their lives.


Youth in the Changing Lanes program participate in very structured activities including group-based interventions, physical development and creative activities. Changing Lanes is not a summer camp but rather an intervention program geared to create a “wake-up call” and change in the youth’s personal outlook on their lives and behaviors.

Intervention sessions are based around an engaging theme and include:


Self Discovery, How am I Wired Discovery of their own personality styles, strengths and challenges
Destructive Behaviors, Passing the Road Test Opportunity to identify, practice and make positive changes in their own thoughts and behaviors
Anger Management, Using My Cruise Control Understand normal and destructive emotions and learn to manage their own feelings and emotions
Life Skills, Accident Prevention & Defensive Driving Learn many life skills including daily decision-making, planning for the future, budgeting, communication skills and self-esteem building, many more areas covered


For more information about how to help a teenager you know, call Intake Services at 231-832-7298 or to email, click here.


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