Family Challenge Weekends at Eagle Village


Does your family feel out-of-control?     Would you like to communicate better with your children?      Are you worried if you don't do something soon, you may never recover as a family?


You're not alone. Eagle Village Family Challenge Weekends can help bring your family back to a healthier place.

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About the Program:


  • Parents and youth attend together, learning new skills and insights into their relationship
  • Several weekends available
  • Housing for the entire weekend and all meals are included
  • Cost is $400 per weekend, per family




This weekend is designed for family and youth to understand "why they are here" and identify problems and issues that got them to this point.  Exercises in family dynamics, creating individual family plans and goal-setting are part of the process of jointly acknowledging there is problem and getting ready to move forward in a positive direction.  Additional parenting skills will also be taught.


On The Same Page


This weekend focus' on communication and family roles.  Activities and instruction will help parents to see and understand their family dynamics.  Parents and youth will learn and practice effective communication.  This session will also address substance abuse and its effect on family systems.  Additional parenting skills will also be taught.



Putting It All Together


Attendees will learn about setting effective limits.  In this session, we will focus on activities where parents will be expected to demonstrate setting appropriate boundaries with their child.  Instruction will be provided in problem-solving and negotiation.  Additional parenting skills will also be taught.


Making It Right


In this weekend, the focus is conflict resolution and anger management.  Youth and parents will learn new skills for managing their behavior.  This session will also touch on Restorative Justice education.  Youth and family will create a "community" restorative justice plan.  The youth and family will be encouraged to invite a sponsor/mentor from their community for the Saturday session.  Parenting skills will also be taught.



  Note:  Parenting skills are being taught at each weekend session to help build up the knowledge and skills parents have for connecting to, supporting and guiding their children.  Even the "best people" can find themselves totally unfamiliar with how to compete with all of the distractions teens have now.  Getting these skills and extra training is a benefit of this Challenge program and can be just the key you're looking for to unlock the potential your family has.


Eagle Village Family Challenge Weekends could be a gift you give your family that will last a lifetime.  Call Intake Services today for more details or click here to email.


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