Youth Challenge Weekends


13-17 year olds


Do you worry about the path your teenager is choosing? Is he or she running with a dangerous crowd? Running away from home? Stealing from family and friends? Lying and manipulating to control family and friends?


You're not alone. Eagle Village Youth Challenge Weekends  can help. We create a safe, challenging atmosphere where youth participate in experiential activities that include a wide range of personal challenges and confronting past behaviors. With the support of Eagle Village staff, teenagers make a 180-degree turn back to a healthy, better adjusted person.

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About the Program:


• Confront behavior patterns that create disturbance
• Discover a sense of purpose and self-esteem
• Identify & engage in healthy choices
• Demonstrate accountability & responsibility for own actions
• Empowerment to take on new behavior that is positive for self, family and community



Engagement & Reflection


Youth will identify personal behavior patterns that cause issues, describe how those patterns have impacted his/her life, create goals and actions steps to change those behaviors and personalize what they’ve learned to take home and use in daily life.





Taking on Responsibility







Participants will participate in the climbing wall, learn  how to belay and then assist and teach others. They will also learn basic map reading and compass use to find their own camp site. These exercises highlight roles and communication, group and family dynamics and will also address substance abuse and its effects. Reflection on successes and challenges encountered since the first weekend, honesty about behaviors and showing respect for those they have impacted will all be worked through.



Understanding & Respecting Others 


Youth will volunteer at a local organization and learn how respecting others is a key part of success. They will then go on an overnight canoeing trip where boundries, working together, the ability to allow others the opportunity to be leaders and mutual respect for the strengths of others are all practiced.


Restoring Relationships


Conflict resolution and anger management will be covered. Here youth will learn new skills for managing their behavior and how to interact in an appropriate manner. This session will also touch on Restorative Justice education. Youth will create a “community” restorative justice plan.


Housing with chaperones for the weekend provided.  All meals are included. Cost is $200 per weekend per child.


Eagle Village Youth Challenge Weekends could be a gift you give your family that will last a lifetime.  Call Intake Services today for more details or click here to email.


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