Base Camp - 2015 Project Survive - 2015
Ages 10-13 Ages 13-17
Bold Adventure, Successful Experiences A Life-Changing Experience
Dates: TBD Dates: TBD

Base Camp is an 7-day camp experience for pre-teens for early intervention. This program is for youth beginning to have difficulty managing their anger and emotions, struggling to transition into a place of personal responsibility, and lacking respect for others. Camp site is at Eagle Village. Cost is $750 per child with scholarship applications available.


Project Survive is a 10-day, intensive wilderness experience for adolescent youth. Teens who are first-time offenders, struggle behaviorally at school and in the community or who may be in need of additional support services would be ideal participants. Camp sites are off-campus. Cost is $1500 per child with scholarship applications available.


At-risk pre-teens and teenagers will come away from these experiences:


• Gaining a sense of personal self-worth

• Understanding their role in family and community

• Learning the importance of making healthy decisions, and consequences of unhealthy ones

• Having respect for themselves, others and the values of their community

• Realizing their potential by taking positive risks and learning new things

• With improved social, emotional and behavioral functioning

• Knowing more productive ways of managing daily stressors and conflicts

• Able to step out of personal comfort zone and try new things

• Positive growth experience for youth


Both Base Camp and Project Survive will include intensive programming and structure, skill-building modules, real-life applications and goal setting that are appropriate for each age level.


Courts, Counselors, Schools, & Parents may call Intake Services to

refer an at-risk child/teen or for more information

at 231-832-7298.


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