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Family Focused
Coaching both youth and their families toward better relationships.

Experiential Approach
Processing learned information through physical activities.

Trauma Care
Working through and healing from past experiences.

From Troubled Teen Intervention Camps & Family Retreats to Adoption & Foster Care, Eagle Village is unique. Here you will find teenagers receiving necessary counseling and treatment along with leadership and life skills training, excellent education provided by the Eagle Village Lighthouse Academy and opportunities for community service to ready them for returning home or to a foster, adoptive or independent living arrangement.

We utilize three distinctive therapies to help youth:

Trauma Informed Care/Trauma TherapyAn Experiential Approach and Focus on the Entire Family to provide a complete program that has the ability to genuinely engage youth and their families and set them up for success. We include a spiritual component that encompasses all that we do for a well-rounded, highly effective answer for families struggling with dysfunction, behavioral challenges and need for education.


Through God’s help and love, we serve, value and equip children and families for success.


Eagle Village will be the leading healing center, innovatively working with today’s ever-changing youth, families and communities. Through spiritual growth and heart changing experiences, we are committed to program excellence, empowering staff, and partnering with communities.

Michigan’s Reality…

reality-button-up-white206,896 children living in families investigated for abuse & neglect in 2012. That number is a 41% increase over 2005

reality-button-child-white13,193 children
0-17 years were in need of foster care.

reality-button-wait-white4,169 children waiting in foster care to be adopted.

reality-button-fist-white122,575 cases of juvenile violence.

(Michigan League for Public Safety, Michigan State Police and

“Each of us, at a time in our life, realizes that we need a “place.” Not necessarily a location as much as “place” that provides special support in a specific time of need. For some it is family trauma, emotional upheaval or a medical crisis. I have recently come to appreciate the power of a place during a family medical crisis. After a series of medical mazes that were frightening, we found a place where we were embraced and understood individually and as a whole. What a blessing and relief to have been found and helped and cared for. Eagle Village is a powerful place. Young people who are faced with many obstacles are given a safe place to heal their hurts and realize their full potential. This powerful place has a successful legacy of caring. We have identified the needs to make Eagle Village become an even more powerful place for children and families for the next 40 years. Please help us in the care and keeping of this place where we will continue to Change Tomorrow Together.”

Please join me in helping to change lives,
Cathey Prudhomme