Frequently Asked Questions

All kinds! Our kids are just kids. They laugh, they play, they do homework, they complain about their vegetables- just like the kids you know.

All over Michigan. In 2016 we helped families from 61 Michigan counties.

Each of our services has a slightly different age group. Our Foster Care and Adoption Team handles cases for kids ages 0-17. Our Assessment Center serves kids 8-17. Our Challenge Weekends and specialized summer camps are for ages 9-17. Our residential programs are for kids 10-17.

It depends. Some kids stay with us because they aren’t safe in their own homes due to abuse and/or neglect. Some kids stay with us because they are acting out in ways that their parents or foster care families can’t handle, such as running away or self-harming.

No. We are not a jail or juvenile detention center. We provide home-like settings, treatment, education, and spiritual care to help prevent the need for jail or juvenile detention in the future. If there is a resident that is attempting to hurt others or themselves our staff is trained in The Aegis System, a crisis de-escalation technique that involves therapeutic holds for safety, when necessary.

Depending on their program, kids either stay in our Assessment Center or in one of our six residential homes.

All sorts of things! They have chores to do, homework, group and individual therapy, but they also go swimming, hiking, play on the ropes course, shoot hoops in the gym, and participate in off-campus volunteer opportunities. Take a look at the schedule of a typical resident here.

It depends on the program. The average stay for Residential Treatment at Eagle Village is 9 months. The Assessment Center program is 30-90 days.

Kids at Eagle Village continue their education at our accredited charter school, Ashmun School. Ashmun School is located on our campus and run by Lighthouse Academy of Grand Rapids.

Eagle Village is CARF accredited and a member of the Christian Camp and Conference Association.

No, we serve anyone that needs our help. Our founders had a strong faith in Jesus Christ that is the bedrock Eagle Village stands on and the reason why we are committed to helping others. We do offer optional weekly chapel services and access to the Eagle Village Pastor when requested, but no one has to participate and we offer Chapel Alternative in its place.

Our on-campus chapel is non-denominational and optional for anyone that requests spiritual care.

All ages! We handle cases for newborns all the way up to a teen’s 18th birthday.

It depends. The goal of foster care is reunification of the family whenever possible. We do have cases, however, where parental rights have been terminated and those children are eligible for adoption.

No. While there are kids in need across the world, our focus is on the kids of Michigan.

No. Our retreats and events are held on a separate side of our campus. If you would like to include volunteer work into your retreat or event we can arrange for a service project that will benefit the kids we take care of, but that is completely optional.

Every resident that leaves Eagle Village receives follow-up care. Weekly phone calls are scheduled for the first six months, in addition to in-person meetings. We have our final check in at the twelve month mark, but past residents are welcome to call us whenever they need help.

Please contact the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) by calling 855-444-3911.