Cathey Prudhomme, the President and CEO of Eagle Village

Cathey Prudhomme


Cathey had the privilege of watching Eagle Village change lives when her parents began the organization in 1968. She lived at Eagle Village throughout her childhood and became the President/CEO in 2010. Cathey has a master’s degree from Central Michigan University and has experience as a private practice Christian Counselor.

Carol Hyble, the Director of Advancement for Eagle Village

Carol Hyble

Director of Advancement

Carol was previously the Director of Alumni Relations at Central Michigan University and the Vice President of Advancement at Alma College. She joined Eagle Village two years ago and says, “It is great to be a part of a pure cause, one that exists to change lives. Youth that come to our campus from challenging and traumatic situations are genuinely valued, their individual talents celebrated, and their potential recognized. What could be more important than helping individuals and families find their own success?” Carol has her Master of Arts degree from Alma College.

Ame Edstrom, Director of Residential Services

Ame Edstrom

Director of Residential Services

Ame was previously a Case Manager for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and a Grief Therapist with Hospice of Northern Michigan. For 13 years she has been using her experience and education to create better residential care and therapy services for the kids of Eagle Village. Ame has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, certification in Trauma Focused Therapy, master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Chad Saxton, Director of Experiential Services and Camps

Chad Saxton

Director of Experiential Services and Camps

After 15 years with Eagle Village, Chad has experienced multiple roles within the organization including House Parent, Activity Specialist, Supervisor of Internal Programs, Foster Care Parent, and Adoptive Parent. “My life and career has been about helping people and organizations heal,” says Chad. “I want to help people become the best that they can be. Eagle Village is a place where my passion for helping others can be used on a daily basis. God has called me to visit orphans and widows in their affliction and there is no better place than Eagle Village to live this out.” Chad has a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Leadership and Management.

Marjie Wirth, Director of Human Resources

Marjie Wirth

Director of Human Resources

Marjie has worked at Eagle Village for 23 years, but her history with the organization is much older than that. A daughter of the founders, Marjie grew up at Eagle Village watching her parents care for kids that needed it the most. She continues their mission with a passion to make every child feel accepted and loved no matter where they come from. Marjie has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Ferris State University.

Melissa Keating, Director of Community Based Services at Eagle Village

Melissa Keating

Director of Community Based Services

Melissa began her career at Eagle Village 11 years ago in a direct care role. She moved on to become a Family Counselor and Clinical Supervisor before leading the Foster Care/Adoption Team at Eagle Village. Melissa says, “The kids and families of Eagle Village are all special in their own unique ways and they deserve for someone to invest in them and give them the best chance toward successful futures.” Melissa has a bachelor’s in Social Work and her LLMSW.

Don Guernsey, Director of Behavioral Health at Eagle Village

Don Guernsey

Director of Behavioral Health

In addition to Director of Behavioral Health at Eagle Village, Don is a nationally recognized trainer and consultant for Nurturing Parenting Programs, Adjunct Faculty for Central Michigan University and Grace Bible College, and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience working with youth and families in residential and home based settings.

Jeremy Prudhomme, Director of Assessment Center at Eagle Village

Jeremy Prudhomme

Director of Assessment Center

Jeremy helped to design and implement the Victors Edge Resiliency Training throughout the Eagle Village campus and served as the lead facilitator of the program with outside teams and groups. After serving as Victors Edge Coordinator, Jeremy was the Experiential Services Program Manager and now oversees the new Assessment Center. Jeremy has a bachelor’s in education and worked in both the public school system and high school coaching system for 7 years. “Eagle Village gives hope to children and families,” says Jeremy. “Everyday is an opportunity to create success and change the trajectories of people’s lives. I love having a job where everyday I can see and help nurture growth in the youth, families, staff and teams we work with.”


The Eagle Village Leadership Team is made up of experienced professionals with a passion for kids and family.

Mike Mischley, Board Member

Michael Mischley, PhD | Chair

Executive Director, MEMSPA

Kristin Aidif, Board Member

Kristin Aidif | Director

Grand Rapids Event Planning

Merle Ross, Board Member

Merle Ross | Treasurer

Ross Accounting

Dani Montini, Board Member

Dani Montini | Director

Insurance Agent, Mt. Pleasant

Al Burmester, Board Member

Al Burmester, PhD | Director

Retired, Dow Chemical

Kelly Smith, Board Member

Kelly Smith | Director

President, Baker College Cadillac

Gary Gerber, Board Member

Gary Gerber | Director

Gerber Architectural Properties

Chuck Kennard, Board Member

Chuck Kennard | Director

Field Supervisor, MDOC

Craig Weidner, Board Member

Craig Weidner | Director

Retired, Eagle Village

Brad Fath, Board Member

Brad Fath | Director

Lerner, Csernai, & Fath Financial

Wendy Samuels, Board Member

Wendy Samuels | Director

Social Work Program Director & Dept. Chair, Ferris State University

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors support Eagle Village by guiding the decisions that help push us forward.

Cathey Prudhomme | Trustee

Eagle Village

Jim Borin | Trustee

Dow Chemical, Retired

Kerm Campbell | Chair

Black Star Farms

Bob Spears | Trustee

Fred Rolf | Vice-Chair

Chalgian & Tripp Law Offices, PLLC

Merle Ross | Eagle Village Board Representative

Ross Accounting

William Grombala | Advisor

Merrill Lynch

Foundation Board of Trustees