A Fresh Look and a Great Purpose

Recently, we sent some of our friends cards that explain more about who we are, what makes us different than other residential facilities, and how the Eagle Fund makes it all possible.  Click on the images below to scroll through these cards or request for a set to be sent to you by emailing

A Note on Progress and Going Further

A part of our job at Eagle Village is teaching kids skills, thought processes, and emotional responses they haven’t had before. Many of our abuse and neglect cases bring us kids that haven’t experienced healthy home environments and simply don’t know anything different.

May Prayer Requests

One of our greatest needs at Eagle Village is to find more people who see the work we do here as ministry. This month, would you pray fervently for God to provide more new staff who love Him and have a desire to serve?

Child Abuse Prevention Miniseries, Part 3: Hope for a Brighter Future

Children that are removed from environments of abuse and neglect CAN recover once they have access to quality therapy programs. “Those that receive the help to work through the trauma have the same opportunities as anyone to live successful and happy lives,” says Don Guernsey MS LMFT FSAC, Director of Behavioral Health at Eagle Village….