Changing Lanes Youth Intervention Program


Are you worried about your teenager?


Challenging behaviors? Anger? Severely introverted?

Running away? Experimenting with drugs or alcohol?



Early intervention is critical in preventing the onset of more serious delinquent behavior and supports the development of better choice-making and emotional health of the youth.

The Changing Lanes program gives teenagers and their families an opportunity to start over, learn to communicate again and live together with a much healthier relationship.

Characteristics of the Program:

  • anger management
  • discovering destructive behaviors
  • life skills training
  • learning to make good decisions
  • communication skills
  • group and individual counseling
  • group-based and family interventions
“After leaving Changing Lanes, my daughter WANTS to be on the right track. She isn’t as confrontational, is more honest and is doing better in a new school. Changing Lanes helped her get a new perspective on things.”

“My son is doing wonderful. He came home with priorities and a plan. He’s not using [substances], he has a positive attitude and he’s doing better in school. He’s a changed young person.”


Does Eagle Village accept insurance?

No, Eagle Village is a therapeutic treatment program, not a psychiatric facility or hospital.

Does Eagle Village transport my youth?
No. If you are concerned that your child will refuse to come to Eagle Village we encourage you to work with an adult your child respects.

Often a family member, coach, pastor or another adult can ride with you and your child. Once you arrive on our campus we are able to help you with your child.

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