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It’s a well known fact in Behavior Management circles- trauma inhibits success

Spend any time in a classroom or organization working with kids and you will see it right away- problems at home leading to problems everywhere else.  Teachers, counselors, and youth pastors want to learn how to use behavior management for these problems effectively, but it can be hard.  Broken homes, poverty, abuse, neglect, and addictions are prevalent in communities throughout Michigan.  These issues yield trauma and chaos in the lives of kids.  Trauma then leads to difficult behaviors which prevent children from doing well socially, academically, and spiritually.

We know this.  You have probably seen this.  So what do we do about it?


It’s time to learn behavior management tips that actually work.

Eagle Village has been working with trauma-impacted kids for 50 years.  Join our experts for a professional development day that will teach you very practical tools and skills that you can start using in your classroom or ministry immediately.

This seminar is for you if you work with kids who:

  • Are easily angered
  • Have trouble focusing
  • Are unable to manage their emotions
  • Are annoyed by their peers and respond inappropriately
  • Are unable to apply what they’ve learned
  • Fail to connect with adults
  • Often explode- either verbally or through physical altercations

At our seminar you will learn how to assess needs, develop a behavior management plan for the kids you work with, reduce environmental stressors, de-escalate behaviors, and how coping skills can unlock success.  Reserve your spot today!

Featured Speakers

Jeremy Prudhomme, Director of Assessment Center at Eagle Village

Jeremy Prudhomme, Director of Assessment Center

Jeremy helped to design and implement the Victors Edge Resiliency Training throughout the Eagle Village campus and served as the lead facilitator of the program with outside teams and groups. After serving as Victors Edge Coordinator, Jeremy was the Experiential Services Program Manager and now oversees the new Assessment Center.

Jeremy has a bachelor’s in education and worked in both the public school system and high school coaching system for 7 years.

“Eagle Village gives hope to children and families,” says Jeremy. “Everyday is an opportunity to create success and change the trajectories of people’s lives. I love having a job where everyday I can see and help nurture growth in the youth, families, staff and teams we work with.”


Practical Tools for Behavior Management

Thursday, December 7, 2017


$10 (includes lunch)

Register below now or call 231-832-7261

Address: 17308 Conference Drive,
Hersey, MI 49639