Family CHALLENGE Weekends

Family Challenge Weekends are opportunities for families to come together on neutral territory and begin the healing process. These experiences will help build trust and enable them to begin moving forward again.


Focus: identify with family and youth “why they are here” identifying problems, issues, family dynamics and creating an individual family plan and goals to move forward. In addition basic parenting skills will also be taught.

web_13On The Same Page

Focus: communication and family roles. Activities and instruction will help parents to see and understand their family dynamics. Parents will learn and practice effective communication. This session will also address substance abuse and its effects on family systems. In addition basic parenting skills will be taught.

African-American single-parent familyPutting It All Together

Focus: setting effective limits. In this session we will focus on activities where parents will be expected to demonstrate setting appropriate boundaries with their child. Instruction will be provided in problem solving and negotiation. Additional parenting skills will also be taught.

edit_8Making It Right

Focus: conflict resolution and anger management. Here youth and parents will learn new skills for managing their behavior. This session will also touch on Restorative Justice education. Youth and family will create a “community” restorative justice plan. The youth and family will be encouraged to invite a sponsor / mentor from their community for the Saturday session. Parenting skills will also be taught.

Challenge Weekend Dates


January 27-29

February 24-26

March 24-26

April 7-9

May 5-7

June 16-18

July 28-30

August 18-20

September 29-October 1

October 20-22

November 17-19

December 15-17

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Characteristics of the Program:

  • Parents and youth attend together, learning new skills and insight into their relationship
  • All-inclusive meals, lodging, therapeutic intervention work
  • Cost is $400 per weekend per family


What if I am not physically able to participate in the programming?

Our staff are able to accommodate a variety of physical challenges. We would encourage you to share any concerns prior to arrival so our team can adjust the intervention and allow for success.

What if I think my child needs more than a FCW?
The FCW’s are very impactful and are a great way for parents to see how Eagle Village works with youth and families and allows families to build positive memories while healing.
Where do we stay?
Eagle Village has an on campus motel with family units.
What time to we need to arrive and when do we leave?

We ask families to arrive by 6 p.m. Friday. Families are able to leave by noon on Sundays allowing time for travel, homework, and chores when you arrive home.

Transportation can be arranged for families, if necessary, at a cost of $30.00 per hour – Call for dates!