A foster care family hang out together at a playground

Foster Care & Adoption

We believe kids are meant to be raised in a home with loving parents. Some kids are blessed to receive that from birth and others need help finding it. Eagle Village is ready and able to offer that help through our Foster Care and Adoption Programs.

Foster Care

The Eagle Village Foster Care Program finds safe, temporary homes for children while their parents put the pieces of their lives back together.

Our team of experts works hard to find the right matches for foster families and foster kids. Families maintain the ability to say “yes” or “no” to any placement, can specify ages they are willing to accept, and will always have the full support of our team.

We walk families through licensing and monitor their cases closely to see where we can help.  We also provide ongoing trainings and put together events throughout the year to help build a whole community of people committed to helping kids by opening their homes.

Foster care is hard work- but it is worth it because these kids are worth it.

The state of Michigan has a need for more safe and loving foster care homes, especially for teens. Can you help? Call to talk to an expert, ask all of your questions, and learn about the difference you can make in the life of child at 231-832-7270.

Our Foster Care & Adoption Team is ready to help. With years of experience and a heart for kids, these individuals offer compassionate and effective care to families.

Melissa Keating, Director of Community Based Services at Eagle Village

Melissa Keating | Director of Community Based Services

“The kids and families of Eagle Village are all special in their own unique ways and they deserve for someone to invest in them and give them the best chance toward successful futures.”

Kathy, Community Based Services Coordinator

Kathy | Community Based Services Coordinator

“I am dedicated to the mission of helping children and families. I enjoy helping the team get to know the families and what types of kids the families can work with. Each child should have a safe place for them to learn and grow, without fear. It is rewarding to hear about the kids who leave Eagle Village Foster Care and know that they are successful in life. Many are still in contact with their foster families.”

Heathery, Foster Care and Adoption Program Manager

Heather | Foster Care & Adoption Program Manager

“Sometimes our job may seem like just a paper pusher… but then there are those times where we see the change [in children] or are reminded of the impact we made on the children and families and it refills our cup.”

Nicole, the Licensing Coordinator for Eagle Village's Foster Care program

Nicole | Foster Care Licensing Coordinator

Licensing Coordinator

“Working with kids and families through Eagle Village is rewarding. Eagle Village provides services that help make it easier for families to reunite and is able to take the time to get to know the kids/families. I like being part of a team who care not only about the clients, but about the workers as well.”

Audrey, Foster Care Licensing Coordinator for Eagle Village

Audrey | Foster Care Licensing Coordinator

“I understand the importance of having a nonjudgmental helping hand toward the kids and families we work with.”

Dawn, Foster Care and Adoption Case Manager

Dawn | Foster Care/Adoption Case Manager

“Helping families reunify and adoption services for children is something that I did not think I’d be doing for a career. Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Jordyn, Foster Care and Adoption Specialist

Jordyn | Foster Care Specialist

“It is important to me that children and families have safety, stability, security, and permanence. I enjoy working with families in the reunification process to be a support while they are leaving how to provide a healthy environment for their children to return to.”

Allyson, Foster Care and Adoption Specialist

Allyson | Foster Care/Adoption Specialist

“Family has always been and always will be an important thing to me and I want other kids to be able to say the same. Life always brings its fair share of struggles to every individual, some experience more struggles than others, and it is my job to help alleviate some of those. I especially want the kids to know that what they are going through won’t be forever. I want kids to know they’re loved and to feel safe. As both a foster care and adoption worker, I want every single family to know that I am here to help and guide them.”

Chelsey, a foster care and adoption specialist at Eagle Village

Chelsey | Foster Care/Adoption Specialist

“I have always wanted to positively impact kids and their families. Every child deserves to smile, be happy and have a forever family. It makes me happy knowing that I can help make that happen.”

Tiffany, an adoption and foster care specialist at Eagle Village

Tiffany | Foster Care/Adoption Specialist

“I want to be a positive support for all children and families to help them overcome any problems they may be dealing with.”