Challenge Weekends

Each family has different needs. Some families need a shift in their dynamics. Some need a short break from each other. We can help with both.

Family Challenge Weekends are for the entire family. Maybe the family is just a mom and daughter or maybe the family is two parents, one grandparent, and five siblings. Not matter the size or makeup of your family unit, Family Challenge Weekends are designed to open up communication, teach important new skills, build trust and respect, and to challenge difficult behaviors.

The weekends include group therapy time, lessons, fun, and unique challenges designed by our experts. Each weekend has a different theme so families are invited back as many times as they would like to come. Families stay together in our on-campus motel or cabins and all food for the weekend is provided.

Family Challenge Weekends begin at 7pm on Friday and end at 11am on Sunday. The cost is $400 per family, regardless of size.

2018’s Family Challenge Weekends:
Commitment/Engagement: January 19-21
Communication: February 23-25
Appropriate Roles in a Family: March 16-18
Boundaries: April 20-22
Conflict Resolution: June 1-3
Trust: June 29-July 1
Commitment/Engagement: July 27-29
Communication: August 24-26
Appropriate Roles in a Family: September 21-23
Boundaries: October 19-21
Conflict Resolution: November 16-18
Trust: December 14-16

Youth Challenge Weekends are just for kids ages 10-17. This weekend at Eagle Village will teach important concepts like respect and anger management while giving parents a weekend respite. This program is not a boot camp, but it does use nature, adventure equipment, and facilitated challenges to test and teach kids.

Food and lodging for the weekend are included. No electronic devices are allowed. Youth Challenge Weekends begin at 7pm on Friday and end at 1pm on Sunday. The cost is $200 per participant.

2018’s Youth Challenge Weekends
Commitment/Engagement: January 12-14
Communication: February 9-11
Boundaries: March 9-11
Conflict Resolution: April 6-8
Trust: May 4-6
Communication: September 14-16
Appropriate Roles in a Family: October 12-14
Boundaries: November 2-4
Conflict Resolution: December 7-9

Depending on your situation, you may qualify for scholarships, Youth In Transition funds, or Adoption Subsidy to help cover the costs of Challenge Weekends.

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