Intervention Summer Camps

Intervention Camp Dates

Base Camp 1 – June 26-30

Base Camp 2 – July 3-7, no spots available

Base Camp 3 – July 17-21

Project Survive 1 – July 5-14 

Project Survive 2 – July 19-28

Project Survive 3 – August 2-11

B.A.S.E. Camp (9-13yrs) is a 5-day camp experience for pre-teens for early intervention. This program is for youth beginning to have difficulty managing their anger and emotions, struggling to transition into a place of personal responsibility, and lacking respect for others. Camp site is at Eagle Village.

Project Survive (13-17yrs) is a 10-day, intensive wilderness experience for adolescent youth. Teens who are first-time offenders, struggle behaviorally at school and in the community or who may be in need of additional support services would be ideal participants. Camp sites are off-campus.


The outcomes of these camps include:

  • Gaining a sense of personal self-worth
  • Understanding their role in family and community
  • Learn the importance of making healthy decisions, and the consequences of unhealthy ones
  • Respect for themselves, the boundaries of others and the values of their community
  • Realize their potential by taking positive risks and learning new things
  • Improved social, emotional and behavioral functioning
  • More productive ways of managing daily stressors and conflicts
  • Ability to step out of personal comfort zone and try new things
  • Positive growth experience for youth
Do I need to provide all the camping/backpacking gear for my child?

(Project Survive)

No, Eagle Village provides the special backpacks and gear. Upon registration you will receive a packing list for your child, this will include a sleeping bag and clothing.

Can I visit or call my child? (BASE)

No, this is an opportunity for your child to grow and build confidence in their abilities. You can write and send letters.

Where does my child stay? (BASE)

Your child will stay on the Eagle Village campus at one of our camp sites which include rustic cabins and log cabins.

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