Intervention Summer Camps

Financial assistance is available through Adoption Subsidy and Scholarships.  Some programs are YIT and Respite eligible.  Call             231-832-7298 for help applying today.

Not sure your kid is ready for camp yet?  Check out our Youth Challenge Weekends for a shorter stay at Eagle Village that offers the same help for troubled teens.  Or try a Family Challenge Weekend to help your whole family navigate through difficult behaviors toward better relationships.

Eagle Village does summer camp differently.  Unlike other summer camps, our summer counselors and staff use techniques specific to kids with past trauma and emotional impairments to deal with:

  • troubled teens
  • defiance
  • extreme anger
  • depression
  • bad attitudes
  • kids that experiment with self-harm
  • and other difficult behaviors

We use our activities, like climbing rock walls and hiking in the woods, to serve as intervention for troubled teens.  Our wilderness experiences teach natural consequences, decision making, trust, self-worth, perseverance, and goal setting.

If traditional summer camps leave you and your teen feeling defeated and misunderstood…

If you know boot camps will only increase your teen’s aggression or crush their self-esteem…

If you need a scheduled respite…

 Consider an Eagle Village Summer Camp

 Call 231-832-7298 for more information.

2017 Camps

Base Camp  

A 5-day rustic camp experience for kids ages 9-13.  This camp is best suited for kids that are struggling to manage their anger or sadness, lacking respect for themselves or others, suffer from Reactive Attachment Disorder, or have problems taking personal responsibility.  Camp is held on-site at Eagle Village.  The 5-day camp costs $500.

Base Camp is a great option for temporary foster care placements, newly formed adoptive families, or families beginning to see warning signs for behavior challenges in their son or daughter.

Base Camp 2017 has ended.  Please check back for 2018 dates.

Project Survive

A 10-day intensive wilderness experience for teens that are 13-17 years old.  This intervention is designed for teens that are skipping school or facing suspension, rebellious, and experimenting with illegal behaviors.  Camp is held off-campus.  The 10-day camp costs $1,500.

Project Survive is a great alternative to boot camp for families that don’t know what to do.  Kids that are heading down a destructive path or get kicked out of other summer camps can succeed with Project Survive.

Project Survive 2017 has ended.  Please check back for 2018 dates.

Do I need to provide all the camping/backpacking gear for my child?
(Project Survive)

No, Eagle Village provides the special backpacks and gear. Upon registration you will receive a packing list for your child, this will include a sleeping bag and clothing.

Can I visit or call my child? (BASE)
No, this is an opportunity for your child to grow and build confidence in their abilities. You can write and send letters.
Where does my child stay? (BASE)
Your child will stay on the Eagle Village campus at one of our camp sites which include rustic cabins and log cabins.

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