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September 28, 2016


Dear Prayer Partners,

This morning our residents and many of our staff gathered around the flag pole in front of the Lighthouse Academy here at Eagle Village and prayed. Like millions of students around the world, we prayed as part of the event called See You at the Pole. But most significantly, we prayed because, as we learned yesterday morning in chapel, prayer works.

And as I watched them gather together, surrounding that little spot of ground in front of their school, I was reminded of something that Eagle Village founders Kermit and Jean Hainley had shared with me several months ago: that they had always had a vision that God would provide prayer warriors to (symbolically) surround the Eagle Village campus in prayer.

So I did the math: it’s 3897. That’s the number of people it would take, standing hand in hand to surround the property of Eagle Village.

Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.”

I am convinced, perhaps today more than ever, that we need to continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and surround the ministry of Eagle Village with prayer, and ask the Lord to stand watch. We need to pray, like our residents did this morning, for Him to guard their school, their homes, their families, and their futures.

Thank you for being one of our faithful prayer warriors!

God bless!



Eric Woods

Pastor to Residents and Staff



P.S. Would you be willing to share this post or forward this email to someone who would join us as one of the 3897 to surround Eagle Village in prayer this month? If you do, please send me a quick email at with their contact information, so we can add them to our regular monthly prayer mailing list. Thanks!