Spiritual Foundation


Eagle Village’s foundation strongly relies on Christian principles and the model of Christ – love, acceptance and forgiveness. We are not affiliated with any specific church or denomination but rather encourage our youth to explore basic Christianity, discover a deeper personal relationship with Christ and finally, take this new knowledge and relationship with them when they leave Eagle Village. We believe that this element of our overall program is vital to the success of the youth and families we work with.

Our youth have the option of participating in several on-campus and off-campus spiritual growth opportunities.


Chapel services are offered after school every other week for any youth who would like to participate.








YoungLife youth group activities are offered the opposite weeks from Chapel services.







Visits to area churches are also an opportunity our youth can take advantage of. We provide the experience of walking into an unfamiliar church, hearing and learning about different faiths and exploring their own spiritual journey along the way.









Your continued support of this foundation element is critical. Our full time pastor, the YoungLife program, materials, events and related off-campus trips are all maintained by a designated fund and for that we need your help.

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