A preteen girl talks to her therapist during an individual therapy session

Assessment Center

One of only three assessment centers in Michigan, this facility comprehensively reviews the history and current wellbeing of children ages 8-17 who suffer from unknown mental health and behavioral issues.

This 30-90 day program will evaluate educational, medical, and emotional needs with a full bio-psycho-social assessment and trauma screening. Each child will leave with a prescribed course of action that will help stabilize them in their home environment as quickly as possible.

In addition to all Eagle Village offers with each of its programs, such as on-site schooling, optional chapel services, and expert care, the Assessment Center also offers a family team meeting within 30 days of intake, multidisciplinary team review of assessments, individual discharge plans, and weekly family therapy.

Assessment Resources available: Trauma, Psychiatric, Psychological, Sensory, Behavioral and Emotional Assessments, Occupational Therapy, Substance Use Screenings, and Experiential Interventions