Residential Programs

Our residential programs all contain some of the same elements but differ in who they are trying to help. Keep scrolling to learn more or check out our new Assessment Center, Challenge Weekends, or Specialized Summer Camps.

If you think you have a child or teen that could benefit from one of these programs call our Admissions Team at 231-832-7298 or send an email now.

This service is for adopted kids struggling in their new families. Past disappointments and emotional wounds are met head-on to help kids develop trust and confidence. Family involvement is a crucial element to this program. Support services are provided after the program ends as well.

This is structured care for kids that need additional support. This program includes a psychiatric evaluation and intensive medical review. Staff to youth ratio is 1:4.

Our trauma therapy is specifically designed for kids who have been abused and/or neglected. This program provides kids a safe place to recover and relearn social skills such as setting appropriate boundaries and defining roles within a family.

This residential intervention is for kids that are acting out and making decisions that put their futures at risk. Attitudes and behaviors are redirected to positive outlets and emphasis is placed on learning consequences and responsibility.

This program prepares teens to age out of foster care by teaching practical skills necessary for independent living. Teens learn to pay bills using Passages “money” so they don’t get “evicted”, how to write a resume, and how to behave at an interview.

These teens are also taken to college campuses and exposed to post-high school opportunities through our Vocational Training Program. Voc Training prepares teens for future employment by exposing them to work now- learning work ethic, gathering experience, and building up their references for their resume.