Victors Edge & Retreats

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Victors Edge Mentality Training gives individuals, teams, and groups the edge they need to reach their full potential. It teaches confidence, empowers leaders, and builds character. Most importantly, it teaches individuals how to control their responses to situations, see beyond what is in front of them, and find their own success.

The Victors Edge program:

See It Say It Do It Live It
Visualize your path Hear and be heard Do the work Be a victor
•create team goals •active listening •discipline •compassion
•learn positive •conflict resolution •time •character
thought processes •nonverbal management •courage
•increase empathy communication •mental •commitment
•self-talk toughness

Victors Edge was initially inspired by the kids that Eagle Village works so hard to help. We noticed how they struggled with their thoughts and self-confidence, and how often they let circumstances rule their responses. This same training is used in our residential programs to eliminate bullying, build up at-risk kids, and to promote the values necessary for a successful future.

Victors Edge is best when hosted at our Eagle Village facility in Hersey, MI, but we can offer a modified experience at your location as well. Call 231-832-7261 to discuss your experience today!